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This week we recorded a guest interview episode. We invited Amy Roskelley over to talk about meal planning and organizing your family to eat healthy meals. Amy is the owner of SuperHealthKids.com, which is a website that focuses on meal plans, recipes and tools to help kids eat healthier. It was a great interview and we shuffled a couple of episodes around so we can release it earlier than other episodes we recorded before it.

On the launch preparation side of things, it’s now October and we have less than two weeks before we go live. Wow! It’s almost here and while most everything is done from the “behind the scenes” point of view, there are still a number of things which must be done to have a successful launch. Here is what is left:

  1. Sign up for media hosting (Do on Oct 2 – can get almost 2 months free this way)
  2. Invite people to follow twitter and facebook accounts/pages
  3. Refine free toolkit
  4. Show notes for episodes 0, 1, & 2
  5. Finalize audio files for episodes 0, 1 & 2

Item #2 is something that is going to be an on going effort and #3 is good enough for now. We’ll create more resources and tools for people as we find out more from our listeners about what they are interested in having and learning about.

Items #4 and #5 are where the majority of the outstanding pre-launch work is. For now, we’re doing it all on our own, but eventually we would like to get somebody to do the audio editing. We already have somebody helping with the show notes which is going to be a great help.

Finally, here is a peek at our schedule and what we anticipate the episodes are going to be for the first couple months:

Episode Topic Release Date
000 About us, intro, expectations Oct 12
001 School Routines Oct 12
002 Packing Lists Oct 12
003 Budgeting Oct 19
004 Dead Space Oct 26
005 Meal Planning w/Amy Roskelley Nov 2
006 Personal Routines Nov 9
007 Give Every Dollar a Job Nov 16
008 Hosting the Holidays Nov 23

We have a longer list of topics and we have recorded more episodes than just these eight already, so we will be able to provide useful content for a long time to come, but this is what our current release schedule is. We could change it based on the feedback we get from people as they listen, subscribe, rate and review the podcast on iTunes.

We’re excited for the next couple weeks and looking forward to seeing this really grow. It’s something new for us. People we have talked to are enthusiastic about the project and we can’t wait until the 12th!

Next week’s update should have all the above tasks completed and everything should be in place for launch on the following Tuesday.

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