Mitchell Family Photo

The Organized Family was started as a podcast by Dave and Amy Mitchell in September of 2015. Since that time they have shared their experience in raising children, organizing their family finances and keeping their home running.

Here’s a little about each of us and our goals for the podcast.


  • Grew up as a military dependent
  • Works as a software developer and as a software development manager
  • Active in Boy Scouts and church, a member of the library board in our city
  • Enjoys indoor activities and a couple of sports (soccer and basketball)

Dave runs the technical side of the podcast, doing the editing and publishing of the actual audio. If we had a title for him it would be “producer”. You can send Dave an email at


  • Grew up in the same town all my life
  • Stay at home mom
  • On school community council
  • Runs a sports program for women in our area
  • Enjoys coaching and playing sports
  • Also enjoys photography, hiking, yard work and being outdoors

Amy is the primary host of the podcast and brainstorms the ideas. Together she and Dave host the podcast. If there were a title for her it would be “host”. You contact Amy at


  • We met in college, married for almost 20 years.
  • Five children. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple (That’s episode 5)
  • We have very different backgrounds and hobbies, but we’re both organized
  • Why did we start the podcast?
  • People kept asking how we do it
  • Visitors impressed or ask questions when they come over
  • Get request to teach classes on organization
  • Reach a broader audience with some of our ideas

Goal for podcast

  • Share what we know
  • It’s not just moms that need to be involved, but dads too. You cannot be successful as a couple or a family unless both parents are involved. You can have different focus’ but you are a team
  • Podcast Angle: to point out that all members of family contribute to being organized, not just the mom

Why do we think organization is important?

  • Saves time
  • Helps reduce tension and promote harmony
  • Provides for a place where people can be more creative and productive

About the Podcast

We try and make sure our podcast episodes fall into one of four different categories.

  • Personal organization
  • Kids organization
  • Home organization
  • Finance organization

Frequency: Once a week