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A Correction

In our latest update, we made a mistake. We said episode four was going to be on Dead Space, while episode five was going to be about meal planning. That is incorrect. Episode four is on Meal Planning and Episode 5 is on Color Coded Kids. This brings us to an important point. We have a plan for our episodes and have recorded a fair number of episodes in an effort to get a head and make sure we don’t ever fall behind in our efforts to provide useful content.

You may also notice that there is a “Kids:”, “Finance:”, “Personal:” or a “Home:” in front of each of the topics. We’re going to focus on four different areas as we release episodes. These overarching categories are designed to make organizing the topics in a way that it is easy to find specific subjects in the future.

Let’s face it, life happens. But with a decent plan and a flexible mindset, you can still provide value. With that out of the way, here is our current schedule for the podcast. Emphasis on “current”. If we receive feedback that it would be more useful to have move a later topic up, then we’ll do so.

Episode listing

Episode Topic Release Date
000 Who we are Oct. 12, 2015
001 Kids: Back to School Routines Oct. 12, 2015
002 Home: Packing Lists Oct. 12, 2015
003 Finance: Budgeting Tools Oct. 19, 2015
004 Home: Meals Oct. 26, 2015
005 Kids: Color Coded Kids Nov. 2, 2015
006 Personal: Personal Morning Routine Nov. 9, 2015
007 Finance: Every Dollar Has A Job Nov. 16, 2015
008 Home: Hosting for the Holidays Nov. 23, 2015
009 Kids: Getting Schoolwork Done Nov. 30, 2015
010 Personal: Gratitude Dec. 7, 2015
011 Finance: Gift Buying Dec. 14, 2015
012 Home: Grounded Seasonal Traditions Dec. 21, 2015
013 Kids: Focus and Make Room Dec. 28, 2015
014 Personal: Goals (Timing and Planning) Jan. 4, 2016
015 Finance: Needs vs. Wants Jan. 11, 2016
016 Home: Dead Space Jan. 18, 2016
017 Kids: Contributing in the Home Jan. 25, 2016
018 Personal: Goals (Executing and Following Through) Feb. 1, 2016
019 Finances: Big Purchases or Debt (not decided yet) Feb. 8, 2016
020 Home: Zones Feb. 15, 2016
021 Kids: Chore Charts Feb. 22, 2016
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