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We missed an update last week, and while this feels like we making excuses, well, I guess we are.

On Labor Day, Dave smashed the tip of his big toe, breaking the tip of the bone. The doctors call it a “tuft fracture”. We rushed to the ER, where they took care of him. Two-hundred stitches later they sent him home with instructions to see a specialist. We saw the specialist two times, once the week of the accident, and again the following week.

When we saw him the second time, part of Dave’s toe was dead (I think the actual word is “necrotic”) and that he needed to have surgery. So we scheduled it for the next day.

That was last week on Thursday.

So, last week on Friday, Dave had part of his right foot, big toe removed. And that’s our excuse for missing a post last week.

Having made our excuses for last week, let’s talk about what we’ve done since then.

We’re just putting in the final touches for what we need to have for the launch. For example, we set up the Facebook page (you can see it here). We also recorded our intro podcast. That’s the one where we talk about what our goals are for the podcast, how long, and a number of other personal things. Mostly so people can get to know us and so we set clear expectations. That episode still needs to be edited and we still have to create the show notes for all the episodes as well as put in the intro and outros. So, some technical things to take care of still.

We’re waiting to set up the media server because we can get a month free with a special coupon code, and we want to get the biggest bang for our buck.

The last two things we need to do are send out invites to people, inviting them to check out the facebook page and the website and refine the organization toolkit people get when they sign up for our mailing list.

The plan is to still go live on October 12th. That’s just a little over two weeks.

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