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Evaluate the goals that were set in January

  1. Social
  2. Spiritual
  3. Physical
  4. Mental
  5. Financial


Back in January, we did a podcast on the Groundhog Day Goal method, which was suggested by David Seah, where you regularly review the goals that were set in January. The dates to do that would be January 1, February 2, March 3, etc. Since this podcast is going out on June 6, and it’s about halfway through the year, we thought we’d talk about the goals that were set months ago and evaluate how they are coming along.


Did you make a goal to have someone over for dinner once a month? How’s that going? Did you make a list of people you’d like to do that with? Is there a family member you’d like to reconnect with? Can you take them to lunch? Can you get together with several people at the same time to accomplish more? (Make sure they all blend well together, though.)


Did you set goals to meditate or read spiritually focused materials? Are you fitting that into your day? Is it a habit? Dave uses a habit journal to track it. Do you have a specific time set apart in your day to focus on your spiritual goals?


Again a set time will make sure this happens too. Are you meeting your goals? Do they need to be rewritten so they are more realistic? Make sure you are accomplishing some of your goals as you are working toward other goals to boost confidence and build momentum.


Good reading fills your mental goals. Have you read books on your list? Have you prepared for a test you need to take? Have you signed up for a class in an area that you are interested in? Have you found a book, an audio book or a podcast that interests you where you can learn new things?


Did you set a goal to get out of debt or build your savings? How are you doing in your progress towards that? Do you need to meet with a financial planner to help get a will or trust in place? Are you having a monthly meeting with your finance partner to regularly check your expenses and budget so that you stay on track?

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