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  1. What is a zone?
  2. How to set up zones?
  3. The benefits of a zone


What is a zone?

An area of your home with specific items of similar characteristics.

How to set up a zone

When starting to organize a room or garage for the first time, you could sketch a map of the room and jot down your idea of where zones could go. A craft room could be zoned into areas for sewing, paper crafts, gifts, photographs… A garage could be zoned for camping gear, car repairs, house repairs, yard tools…

Benefits of a zone

An organized family involves everyone in the clean up and putting items away where they belong. When other family members are helping around the house, if they put items back in the correct zone, though not exactly organized how you would like, at least you can still find it because it is in the right area.

It may require a precise organizing a few times a year to keep in optimal organized condition, but it’s still usable and practical when not organized perfectly.

If an item could go in two different zones, then put a few of each item in each zone. The husband may think one way, the wife another, but this way they can both find it where they think it should go.

Zones can be used on computers as well as items around the house.

Most people do a good job on using some sorts of zones in their homes. So look around and see what you already have in place, and pat yourself on the back for being organized.

Image: “Public Bicycle Schemes”, by William Murphy Follow. https://www.flickr.com/photos/infomatique/4827930520

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