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Just a quick update for those tuned in.

The biggest news is that we’re live! We’re in iTunes and Sticher. If you look over on the right side of the site here you can see links to both of those sites as well as the feeds if you are are not an iTunes user.

  • iTunes: Check
  • Sticher: Check
  • Android Apps: Check
  • Raw RSS Feed: Check

It’s awesome to see the work we’ve put into all this coming to fruition. Overall we’ve had a lot of positive feedback, which is also very good to see.

If there is one thing we are not doing well in, it would be exposure. We’ve talked to friends and family, posted on twitter and facebook and everything we have heard is great. What we’re asking from anybody who hears this is that they share the website (http://www.organizedfamily.co) and suggest people look up the podcast in iTunes or Sticher. We think there is a lot of value we can provide to people who tune in to the podcast and would love to get more people involved and listening.

For those people who are interested, here are a few statistics on the show:

  • Total number of downloads for all three episodes: 167
  • Episode 0 downloads: 110
  • Episode 1 downloads: 33
  • Episode 2 downloads: 24

  • Highest download day: October 7, with 51 total downloads

  • Next highest: October 13, with 34.

  • Lowest download day: October 11 with 0 downloads

Now, in all fairness, we soft launched on the 6th of October with a post in Facebook with direct links to the audio files. The official iTunes launch was the 12th and we posted to Facebook the same day. So, it would appear there is a one day lag when we post to Facebook and when people go and download the files and listen to the episodes. Since the launch itself, we have not experienced a “0” day, which is encouraging.

So, with all this information, we are encouraged. People have given positive feedback, episode 4 is just around the corner, and since the launch it looks like we’re on a good trajectory with a steady increase in interest.

Overall, we’re encouraged and are looking forward to the release of episode 3 on Monday: Budgeting.

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