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What follows is our last prelaunch review.


This week most of the work we did was related to the release of the podcast on Monday of next week. Dave spent some time typing up show notes and trying to configure computers to share the raw and edited audio files. Amy reviewed the final audio files, made some suggestions on the show notes and then published a promo post to Facebook with the first two shows in it for those people who already follow her or Dave.

Overall the response was positive with a total of 87 downloads in those first two days. Not bad for something we haven’t even released yet.

Thursday Dave submitted the podcast to iTunes. While we want to “Launch” the podcast on Monday, the thing about iTunes and Apple is that you have to go through a review process before they will publish your podcast in iTunes. And once you submit it, you have no control over that process. So…The podcast could be out as soon as Friday or as late as next Friday. There is just no telling. So, instead of missing the launch day entirely, we decided that it would be better to submit the podcast with the first two episodes to iTunes and get the third up on Monday and Apple can approve the podcast whenever they want. If it ends up releasing early, then we have under promised and over delivered. If it comes out on Monday, then we’ve managed to time it right.

Having said all that, it usually takes about 24 hours to go through the review process. Which means it could be in the iTunes store as soon as Friday night.

Finally, shows three through five have been mastered and just need to be reviewed by Amy and have their show notes written. That would get us through the end of October.


Monday, episode two comes out. If there is one topic we talk to people the most about it is finances. We’ve had a lot of different things happen to us over the years and we can’t say that everything has been the easiest. We’ve experienced set backs in employment and we have had to live off our savings two different times now since we have been married.

The first time we were living off of half pay for a year and a half, while the other time we had no income for four months. Had we not been prepared and had experience with some of the principles we talk about in Episode two, we would have had a much different and stressful experience than we had both times. When it comes out, give it a listen.

We only scratch the surface and plan on touching on finances every four episodes, sharing what we have learned over the years. Hopefully there are nuggets there you can use to help your family.

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