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We’ve set the launch date and have scheduled the topics for the podcast. We expect to kick off the podcast on the 12th of October. We’ll publish the first three episodes of the podcast at that time and will then publish an episode every following Monday.

Already got a number of exciting topics that we’re going to be talking about. We will kick off talking about school routines and then discuss packing lists and from there we’ve got a number of things like budgeting, using dead space, using colors to organize your children and a host of other topics we cannot wait to get out the door. Our plan of topics will take us well into 2016 and we hope to have an occasional guest on the show to provide different perspectives as well as give a view of what other families have successfully done to organize their families.

In the meantime we are recording about three to four episodes a week, but want to give ourselves plenty of time to edit and get produce the final product so that when we finally release an episode it is the best thing out there and so people who are truly interested in becoming an organized family are not turned off from.

Finally a word about episode length. Not every episode is this way, but right now, the main talking portion of each episode is turning out to be about 15 minutes long. We think this is the ideal length because as we’ve heard on other podcasts, “You’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.” We think we have valuable information and experience to share, but also understand that your family is busy and don’t want to waste your time, but rather provide a good balance of details necessary to implement, while also sharing principles which can be applied to any situation.

So, as of today: 37 days until we launch.

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